The NOSA VISION is an authentic MISSION with the dynamo to accomplish the task.
We are an army for the restoration of sexual purity!!!
You have been added to this end time army group created to stop the voice of the defiler by protectively equipping our children.
To this end on this platform. We must be ready to honour and work with the leadership respecting the organogram.
As a NOSA COUNSELOR you must acknowledge every post by responding to each other in one love and unity of mind.

Strategic Meeting.

There will be a once in month prayer and strategy meeting! This can change subsequently.
As a NOSA COUNSELOR it is expedient for you to attend!


Our  NOSA OUTREACHES is a must attend for every NOSA COUNSELOR..
If you will not be are to inform the NOSA Administrator, vice presidents who will duly inform the President.
This will be communicated on the platform by the Administrator so as to move as a team without any pull back.


Every NOSA COUNSELOR is permitted to advertise their private businesses .. this is to Forster our business progress knowing what each one does, patronising and in turn run with the vision of NOSA.


The NOSA account details will be given to enable us give our token towards outreaches as decided.

God first.

The Word of charge will consistently come from the table of the president..
To which it is expedient for us to participate with our definite responses.


The welfare of each NOSA COUNSELOR is of great importance and hence must be communicated to the NOSA welfare coordinator.
Who will communicate with the leadership and further advice and steps will be taken.

NOSA ceremonies.

Your personal event is also paramount to the NOSA TEAM.
Birthdays and other ceremonies. This will also serve as opportunities to reach out.


No one is allowed to exit the group without the knowledge of the appropriate quarters.
The NOSA Administrator must be contacted.who will profer advise on how to be excused from further post..
This is to curb any negativity in our team.


In the event of misunderstanding, initial disputes must be duly handled by  NOSA personal protocol unit.

Call of love.

Our mission is call of love therefore we stand in unity!
We are a workforce..
No slacking!
We stand as a unified force therefore we do not break ranks!
Thank you for your commitment & Cooperation.
The NOSA President
Pastor Shade Femi ODULAJA.